Rope Mill Trail Run

Pre-registered Competitor List

5 mileFemale 18 and underKatie Mullins
5 mileFemale 18 and underKitai Hiott
5 mileFemale 19-24Adeline Perry
5 mileFemale 25-29Allison Albee
5 mileFemale 25-29Caitlin Quiza
5 mileFemale 25-29Emily Quiza
5 mileFemale 25-29Hannah Lawrence
5 mileFemale 25-29Lauren Carter
5 mileFemale 30-34Amanda White
5 mileFemale 30-34Ana Ramirez
5 mileFemale 30-34Ellen Ausley
5 mileFemale 30-34Fabi Axt
5 mileFemale 30-34Giselle Zambrano
5 mileFemale 30-34Katie Laurens
5 mileFemale 30-34Lizzie Hubbard
5 mileFemale 30-34Rachel Moore
5 mileFemale 30-34Rebeca Quintana
5 mileFemale 30-34Sandra Reed
5 mileFemale 35-39Angela Poole
5 mileFemale 35-39Ashley Crocker
5 mileFemale 35-39Cassie Caudell
5 mileFemale 35-39Elena Comperatore
5 mileFemale 35-39Jenna Gray
5 mileFemale 35-39Jessica Harris
5 mileFemale 35-39Rebecca Vassy
5 mileFemale 35-39Stephanie Bivone
5 mileFemale 40-44Carrie Whitney
5 mileFemale 40-44Casey Copen
5 mileFemale 40-44Danielle Kononen
5 mileFemale 40-44Irina Theodora Szasz
5 mileFemale 40-44Jasmine Sadler
5 mileFemale 40-44Jennifer Legette
5 mileFemale 40-44Jennifer Gibson
5 mileFemale 40-44Laura Ahern
5 mileFemale 40-44Meg Leonard
5 mileFemale 40-44Melissa King
5 mileFemale 40-44Melissa Sneed
5 mileFemale 40-44Rachel Ivanowski
5 mileFemale 40-44Sarah Allen
5 mileFemale 40-44Tara Tucci
5 mileFemale 45-49Cheryl Russell
5 mileFemale 45-49Heather Stray
5 mileFemale 45-49Stela Braykova-Yovcheva
5 mileFemale 45-49Susana Allen
5 mileFemale 50-54Colleen Dunbar
5 mileFemale 50-54Jeannie Darwin
5 mileFemale 50-54Joy Marquez
5 mileFemale 50-54Karen Armstrong
5 mileFemale 50-54Kate Stokes
5 mileFemale 50-54Linda Szczutkowski
5 mileFemale 55-59Laura Quiza
5 mileFemale 60-64Catherine Jones
5 mileFemale 60-64Jennifer Bonn
5 mileFemale 60-64Julie Jackson
5 mileFemale 60-64Sabra Cohen
5 mileFemale 65-69Margaret Taylor
5 mileMale 18 and underJohn Gary Sneed
5 mileMale 18 and underZachary Albert
5 mileMale 19-24Benjamin Nelson
5 mileMale 25-29Ronald Sierra
5 mileMale 30-34Emerson Plantico
5 mileMale 30-34John Sitzes
5 mileMale 30-34Kevin Fitzpatrick
5 mileMale 30-34Ryan Morson
5 mileMale 30-34Sam Osborn
5 mileMale 30-34Samuel Jones
5 mileMale 35-39Adam Myers
5 mileMale 35-39Alec Hogue
5 mileMale 35-39Casey Stephens
5 mileMale 35-39Chris Matheson
5 mileMale 35-39John Gaset
5 mileMale 35-39John LaFevers
5 mileMale 35-39Jonathan Majors
5 mileMale 35-39Michael Axt
5 mileMale 40-44Jared Huller
5 mileMale 40-44Joey Anthros
5 mileMale 40-44Jonathan Clinger
5 mileMale 40-44Mark Bivone
5 mileMale 40-44Robert Tucci
5 mileMale 45-49Brian Annino
5 mileMale 45-49Chris Konopka
5 mileMale 45-49Chris Startt
5 mileMale 45-49James Butler
5 mileMale 45-49Joseph Isaksen
5 mileMale 45-49Matt McTyre
5 mileMale 45-49Michael Brennan
5 mileMale 50-54Brad Joiner
5 mileMale 50-54Jeff Verdi
5 mileMale 50-54Mark Thomas
5 mileMale 50-54Scott Heins
5 mileMale 50-54Timothy Newberg
5 mileMale 55-59Anthony Stopek
5 mileMale 55-59David King
5 mileMale 55-59LaMar Morson
5 mileMale 55-59R Kevin Cross
5 mileMale 55-59Willy Bitter
5 mileMale 60-64Alex Hill
5 mileMale 65-69Carlos Capo
5 mileMale 65-69Jerry Brown
5 mileMale 65-69Raleigh Hawes
5 mileMale 70-74Glen Leckman
9 mileFemale 25-29Kelly O’Saben
9 mileFemale 30-34Meg Prentice
9 mileFemale 35-39Faith Demane
9 mileFemale 35-39Jodi Blackwell
9 mileFemale 35-39Melissa Schindler
9 mileFemale 40-44Amanda Schuster
9 mileFemale 40-44Angela Flowers
9 mileFemale 40-44Anna Foard
9 mileFemale 40-44Elizabeth Reid
9 mileFemale 40-44Karin Nelson
9 mileFemale 40-44Terra Woods
9 mileFemale 45-49Alicia Lysak
9 mileFemale 45-49Judith Dobbs
9 mileFemale 45-49Kathy McTyre
9 mileFemale 45-49Kelly Scott
9 mileFemale 45-49Leslie Esposito
9 mileFemale 45-49Melinda Evans
9 mileFemale 45-49Rebecca Coleman
9 mileFemale 50-54Christine Curtin
9 mileFemale 50-54Lydia Fazzio
9 mileFemale 50-54Stacy Lind
9 mileFemale 50-54Valerie Squillario
9 mileMale 19-24Chase Leach
9 mileMale 19-24Daniel LeTexier
9 mileMale 30-34Caleb Russo
9 mileMale 30-34David Gaset
9 mileMale 30-34Tony Roberts
9 mileMale 35-39Billy Anderson
9 mileMale 35-39Carlos Alvarez
9 mileMale 35-39Desmond Elrod
9 mileMale 35-39Kurt Heninger
9 mileMale 35-39Michael Mazza
9 mileMale 40-44Carlos Felfoldi
9 mileMale 40-44Eric Carr
9 mileMale 40-44Mark Holowka
9 mileMale 40-44Phil Ciccone
9 mileMale 45-49Andres Vidal
9 mileMale 45-49Andres Vidal
9 mileMale 45-49Bobby Sauer
9 mileMale 45-49Guoqiang Hua
9 mileMale 45-49Jj Widener
9 mileMale 45-49Joel Harris
9 mileMale 45-49Lawrence House
9 mileMale 45-49Mark Monroe
9 mileMale 45-49Nick Senter
9 mileMale 45-49Trevor Parssinen
9 mileMale 50-54Alex Foster
9 mileMale 50-54Brian Gregg
9 mileMale 50-54John Rhyne
9 mileMale 50-54Mark Corbett
9 mileMale 50-54Mike Hurdle
9 mileMale 50-54Richard Stepowski
9 mileMale 55-59Chris Herod
9 mileMale 55-59Marcello Schutzer
9 mileMale 55-59Timothy Armstrong
9 mileMale 60-64Jeffrey Gelinas
9 mileMale 60-64Mark Kelsey
Long CourseFemale 19-24Heidi Martin
Long CourseFemale 19-24Kayli Moody
Long CourseFemale 25-29Jessica Ridley
Long CourseFemale 30-34Monica Talley
Long CourseFemale 35-39Abigail Jackson
Long CourseFemale 35-39Katrina Alaniz
Long CourseFemale 35-39Laura Settle
Long CourseFemale 35-39Melissa Sorrell
Long CourseFemale 35-39Melissa Troskie
Long CourseFemale 35-39Nadia Carrillo
Long CourseFemale 40-44Christine Rule
Long CourseFemale 45-49Ev Sogbesan
Long CourseFemale 45-49Mary Bruce
Long CourseFemale 50-54Danielle Martin
Long CourseFemale 50-54Kimberly Daniels
Long CourseFemale 50-54Leslie Stuart
Long CourseFemale 60-64Beth Shafer
Long CourseFemale 60-64Joanne Beck
Long CourseFemale 60-64Sally Boyd
Long CourseMale 25-29Zack Waterson
Long CourseMale 30-34Dennis Coyle
Long CourseMale 30-34Matthew Talley
Long CourseMale 30-34Nicholas Van Weele
Long CourseMale 30-34Zachary Scalf
Long CourseMale 35-39George Troskie
Long CourseMale 35-39Gerald Taylor
Long CourseMale 40-44Derek Stephens
Long CourseMale 40-44Greg Gaffney
Long CourseMale 40-44Joe Dollar
Long CourseMale 40-44Roy Duvall
Long CourseMale 40-44Samuel Franklin
Long CourseMale 40-44Yuji Nimura
Long CourseMale 45-49Anthony Dembickie
Long CourseMale 45-49David Bruno
Long CourseMale 45-49Jerimy Bruce
Long CourseMale 45-49Jimi Ellis
Long CourseMale 45-49Luke von Oldenburg
Long CourseMale 45-49Mike Jankowski
Long CourseMale 45-49Nicholas Christou
Long CourseMale 45-49Paul Nyholm
Long CourseMale 45-49Shane Tucker
Long CourseMale 50-54Brett Hatch
Long CourseMale 50-54David Parsons
Long CourseMale 50-54Greg Elwell
Long CourseMale 50-54Nicholas Pepper
Long CourseMale 50-54Rob Peterson
Long CourseMale 50-54Scott Moody
Long CourseMale 55-59Alan Mobley
Long CourseMale 55-59Keith Marshall
Long CourseMale 55-59Mike Balsamides
Long CourseMale 55-59Russell Sagon
Long CourseMale 55-59Scott Jordan
Long CourseMale 55-59Stephen Thomas
Long CourseMale 55-59Vikas Bagga
Long CourseMale 60-64Brian Blankenbecler
Long CourseMale 60-64Jay Butler
Long CourseMale 60-64Jay Whitney
Long CourseMale 65-69Bob Huber
Long CourseMale 65-69Robert Forrest
Long CourseMale 70-74Richard Schick
Short CourseFemale 19-24Carlyle Rechsteiner
Short CourseFemale 25-29AnaNicole Auld
Short CourseFemale 25-29Ashley Wright
Short CourseFemale 25-29Kindra Bilodeau
Short CourseFemale 25-29Maricarmen Montano
Short CourseFemale 25-29Mary Williams
Short CourseFemale 25-29Paige Penque
Short CourseFemale 30-34Caitlin Conn
Short CourseFemale 30-34Jennifer Hawkins
Short CourseFemale 30-34Jessica Ross
Short CourseFemale 30-34Jessica Wolden
Short CourseFemale 30-34Kimberly Kellett
Short CourseFemale 30-34Noemi Montano
Short CourseFemale 30-34Pamela Hatfield
Short CourseFemale 35-39Crystal House
Short CourseFemale 35-39Jebet Arita
Short CourseFemale 40-44Amy Parmer
Short CourseFemale 40-44Chela Sirma
Short CourseFemale 40-44Jacqueline Champ
Short CourseFemale 40-44Melanie Salas
Short CourseFemale 40-44Rachel Hefner
Short CourseFemale 40-44Rebecca Groves
Short CourseFemale 40-44Sarah Coleman
Short CourseFemale 40-44Sarah Mullins
Short CourseFemale 40-44Shannon McGahee
Short CourseFemale 45-49Amy Hall
Short CourseFemale 45-49Amy Sapp
Short CourseFemale 45-49Angie Gatica
Short CourseFemale 45-49Claire Taylor
Short CourseFemale 45-49Kim Conrey
Short CourseFemale 45-49Kriston Sellier
Short CourseFemale 45-49Marta Maldonado
Short CourseFemale 45-49Melanie King
Short CourseFemale 45-49Sherylanne Branning
Short CourseFemale 45-49Tricia Bagwell
Short CourseFemale 45-49Vikki Frost
Short CourseFemale 50-54Amy Dickson
Short CourseFemale 50-54Angela Groves
Short CourseFemale 50-54Dawn Whelan
Short CourseFemale 50-54Jennifer Bledsoe
Short CourseFemale 50-54Leslie Joiner
Short CourseFemale 50-54Pon Mason
Short CourseFemale 50-54Suzanne Rapp
Short CourseFemale 55-59Eve Hall
Short CourseFemale 55-59Judy King
Short CourseFemale 55-59Karen Huey
Short CourseFemale 60-64Laurie Schmeier
Short CourseFemale 60-64Vicki Bertram
Short CourseFemale 65-69Jacqueline Childers
Short CourseMale 18 and underShiro Ito
Short CourseMale 18 and underTadamasa Ito
Short CourseMale 25-29Austin Mason
Short CourseMale 30-34Christian Abrams
Short CourseMale 30-34Hunter Livingston
Short CourseMale 30-34Jason Veclotch
Short CourseMale 30-34Ritesh Patel
Short CourseMale 35-39Brent Jackson
Short CourseMale 35-39Harold Albert
Short CourseMale 35-39Juan Saavedra
Short CourseMale 35-39Michael Campbell
Short CourseMale 35-39Mike O'Brien
Short CourseMale 40-44David Groves
Short CourseMale 40-44Ivan Quesada
Short CourseMale 40-44Ryan Knight
Short CourseMale 45-49Israel House
Short CourseMale 45-49Joseph Salter
Short CourseMale 50-54Eric Nelson
Short CourseMale 50-54Jack Lowrey
Short CourseMale 50-54Scott Reed
Short CourseMale 50-54Steve Flores
Short CourseMale 50-54Steve Rechsteiner
Short CourseMale 50-54Takehito Ito
Short CourseMale 55-59David Gierlak
Short CourseMale 55-59David Johnson
Short CourseMale 55-59Glenn Germaine
Short CourseMale 55-59Mark Ridley
Short CourseMale 55-59Nate Rudolph
Short CourseMale 55-59Rick Hall
Short CourseMale 60-64Norman Childers
Short CourseMale 60-64Richard Bilodeau
Short CourseMale 60-64Thomas Hammond
Short CourseMale 65-69Lynn Robinson
Short CourseMale 70-74Vince Smith