Rope Mill Spring Thaw Trail Run (NOTE VENUE CHANGE

Pre-registered Competitor List

4 mileFemale 18 and underAlexis Richardson
4 mileFemale 18 and underBri Richardson
4 mileFemale 18 and underPhoebe Williams
4 mileFemale 18 and underSara Ellis
4 mileFemale 19-24Alex Reed
4 mileFemale 25-29Chelsea Tanner
4 mileFemale 25-29Kate Bunting
4 mileFemale 25-29Mary Williams
4 mileFemale 30-34Anne Burley
4 mileFemale 30-34Jessica Gissler
4 mileFemale 30-34Megan Wyckoff
4 mileFemale 30-34Rachel Besch
4 mileFemale 35-39Jackie Farr
4 mileFemale 35-39Laura Riley
4 mileFemale 35-39Nicole Rogers
4 mileFemale 40-44Amy Hall
4 mileFemale 40-44Lisa Alexander
4 mileFemale 40-44Roxana Zeman
4 mileFemale 40-44Shannon Ledford
4 mileFemale 45-49Amy Sapp
4 mileFemale 45-49Brenda Neeley
4 mileFemale 45-49Diana Silver
4 mileFemale 45-49Jamie Bobo
4 mileFemale 45-49Jennifer Goble
4 mileFemale 45-49Layne Hawkins
4 mileFemale 45-49Lydia Fazzio
4 mileFemale 45-49Tracy Taylor
4 mileFemale 50-54Angie Reed
4 mileFemale 50-54Joy Rehman
4 mileFemale 50-54Karen Bowers
4 mileFemale 50-54Karen Murphy
4 mileFemale 50-54Kari Hawkins
4 mileFemale 50-54Suzanne Fettig
4 mileFemale 55-59Elizabeth Stringfield
4 mileFemale 55-59Leslie Champion
4 mileFemale 55-59Shiela Catanzarite
4 mileFemale 60-64Jennifer Bonn
4 mileFemale 60-64Lynn Pinyerd
4 mileFemale 70-74Susan Burkett
4 mileMale 18 and underElijah Monnier
4 mileMale 18 and underIan Eastridge
4 mileMale 18 and underOliver Polikowsky
4 mileMale 25-29Austin Mason
4 mileMale 25-29Clay Williams
4 mileMale 25-29Emerson Plantico
4 mileMale 25-29Jamison Battaglia
4 mileMale 30-34Connor Morozumi
4 mileMale 30-34Jeff Wiesburg
4 mileMale 30-34Kurt Cortazzo
4 mileMale 30-34Nick Brouillette
4 mileMale 30-34Ryan McCabe
4 mileMale 35-39Jared Huller
4 mileMale 35-39Josiah Battaglia
4 mileMale 35-39Michael O'Brien
4 mileMale 35-39Paul Magnuson
4 mileMale 40-44Corey Bobo
4 mileMale 40-44Grant Carmichael
4 mileMale 40-44Jason Kunzman
4 mileMale 40-44Jay Kolodzinski
4 mileMale 40-44Scott Beardsley
4 mileMale 40-44Troy Polikowsky
4 mileMale 45-49Charles Pippin
4 mileMale 45-49Gavin Fay
4 mileMale 45-49Karl Koller
4 mileMale 45-49Nick Senter
4 mileMale 45-49Tom Gissler
4 mileMale 45-49Wesley Ellis
4 mileMale 50-54Bruce Catanzarite
4 mileMale 50-54Gary Eastridge
4 mileMale 50-54Karl Karch
4 mileMale 50-54Mark Rumph
4 mileMale 50-54Sean Williams
4 mileMale 50-54William Raines
4 mileMale 55-59Alex Hill
4 mileMale 55-59Brian Schlosser
4 mileMale 55-59Robert Munzing
4 mileMale 60-64Charles Heinz
4 mileMale 65-69Frank George
4 mileMale 65-69Glenn Champion
4 mileMale 70-74David Tinsley
4 mileMale 70-74Don Burkett
4 mileMale 70-74Randy Cail
7.7 mileFemale 25-29Claire Cusack
7.7 mileFemale 25-29Grace Sommer
7.7 mileFemale 25-29Haley Moore
7.7 mileFemale 25-29Kim Black
7.7 mileFemale 30-34Brooke Williams
7.7 mileFemale 30-34Jayne Cortazzo
7.7 mileFemale 30-34Kayla Osterhoff
7.7 mileFemale 30-34Robyn Ellerbrock
7.7 mileFemale 30-34Rokhaya Mane
7.7 mileFemale 35-39Carla Knowles
7.7 mileFemale 35-39Meredith Vance
7.7 mileFemale 35-39Rendi Alexander
7.7 mileFemale 40-44Anne Polikowsky
7.7 mileFemale 40-44Christy Rohmer-Burrows
7.7 mileFemale 40-44Kristan Jacobs
7.7 mileFemale 40-44Rebecca Coleman
7.7 mileFemale 40-44Sarah Coleman
7.7 mileFemale 40-44Stephanie Richardson
7.7 mileFemale 45-49Danielle Martin
7.7 mileFemale 45-49Jen Jenacova
7.7 mileFemale 45-49Joanna Conroy
7.7 mileFemale 45-49Marisol Odom
7.7 mileFemale 45-49Sally Nicodemus
7.7 mileFemale 50-54Belinda Young
7.7 mileFemale 50-54Lisa Hughey
7.7 mileFemale 60-64Wendy Ingram
7.7 mileFemale 65-69Adri Herman
7.7 mileFemale 65-69Ruth Ference
7.7 mileMale 18 and underFrederic Villoutreix
7.7 mileMale 25-29Zack Jordan
7.7 mileMale 30-34Jason Cousineau
7.7 mileMale 30-34Jonathan Pinner
7.7 mileMale 30-34Philip Brudney
7.7 mileMale 30-34Todd Jones
7.7 mileMale 35-39Christopher McCoy
7.7 mileMale 35-39John Townsend
7.7 mileMale 35-39William Garland
7.7 mileMale 40-44Carlos Felfoldi
7.7 mileMale 40-44Christopher Milton
7.7 mileMale 40-44Joey Polk
7.7 mileMale 40-44Kevin Connolly
7.7 mileMale 40-44Retash Mohan
7.7 mileMale 40-44Rich Hearn
7.7 mileMale 40-44Ryan Goin
7.7 mileMale 45-49Chris Schubert
7.7 mileMale 45-49David McGee
7.7 mileMale 45-49David Bruno
7.7 mileMale 45-49Dwayne MacInnis
7.7 mileMale 45-49Kary Brownlee
7.7 mileMale 45-49Scott Boetig
7.7 mileMale 45-49Shawn Tyska
7.7 mileMale 50-54Craig Langley
7.7 mileMale 50-54Mark Miller
7.7 mileMale 50-54Ron Fader
7.7 mileMale 55-59Chuck Naylor
7.7 mileMale 55-59Marty Giammarco
7.7 mileMale 55-59Scott Bushey
7.7 mileMale 55-59Stephen Foley
7.7 mileMale 60-64Bob Huber
7.7 mileMale 60-64Charles Backstrom
7.7 mileMale 60-64Dale VanHooser
7.7 mileMale 65-69Gordon Riddoch
7.7 mileMale 65-69Robert Forrest
Long CourseFemale 19-24Adeline Perry
Long CourseFemale 30-34Janelle Couch
Long CourseFemale 30-34Jessica Reagin
Long CourseFemale 35-39Christine Rule
Long CourseFemale 35-39Lauren Pfrogner
Long CourseFemale 35-39Nadia Carrillo
Long CourseFemale 35-39Shawna Prange
Long CourseFemale 40-44Dawne Slater
Long CourseFemale 45-49Angie Gatica
Long CourseFemale 45-49Brenda Sovine
Long CourseFemale 45-49Catherine Gagne
Long CourseFemale 45-49Kim Conrey
Long CourseFemale 45-49Valerie Squillario
Long CourseFemale 50-54Eve Hall
Long CourseFemale 50-54Kathryn Zuehlke
Long CourseFemale 50-54Risa Engel
Long CourseFemale 55-59Beth Shafer
Long CourseFemale 55-59Portia Turner
Long CourseFemale 60-64Sabra Cohen
Long CourseFemale 65-69Jacqueline Childers
Long CourseMale 25-29Alan Campbell
Long CourseMale 35-39Chris Szoch
Long CourseMale 35-39Gregory Gaffney
Long CourseMale 35-39Jermaine Johnson
Long CourseMale 40-44Clayton Denton
Long CourseMale 40-44Lee Yarnell
Long CourseMale 40-44Mark Holowka
Long CourseMale 40-44Zack Nelson
Long CourseMale 45-49Brett Hatch
Long CourseMale 45-49Joel Harris
Long CourseMale 45-49Mike Ragan
Long CourseMale 45-49Troy Hohl
Long CourseMale 50-54Kevin Chalk
Long CourseMale 50-54Michael Spangler
Long CourseMale 50-54Rick Hall
Long CourseMale 50-54Scott Reed
Long CourseMale 55-59Loren Starr
Long CourseMale 55-59Mike Whitehurst
Long CourseMale 55-59William McAllister
Long CourseMale 60-64George Myers
Long CourseMale 60-64Jay Whitney
Long CourseMale 60-64Randy Owen
Short CourseFemale 18 and underJayden Randall
Short CourseFemale 18 and underLaura Gonsoulin
Short CourseFemale 18 and underSophie Williams
Short CourseFemale 19-24Kathryn Barron
Short CourseFemale 25-29Emily Williams
Short CourseFemale 25-29Jennifer Orlando
Short CourseFemale 25-29Jessica Ross
Short CourseFemale 25-29Jules Marvin
Short CourseFemale 30-34Abigail Jackson
Short CourseFemale 30-34Allison Christou
Short CourseFemale 30-34Kristen Kyle
Short CourseFemale 30-34Laura Semmel
Short CourseFemale 35-39Becka Lopez
Short CourseFemale 35-39Christie Hernandez
Short CourseFemale 35-39Jessica Owens-Pannell
Short CourseFemale 35-39Katrina Alaniz
Short CourseFemale 35-39Lauren Hines
Short CourseFemale 35-39Leah Hensley
Short CourseFemale 35-39Molly Hunt
Short CourseFemale 35-39Nichole Mrasek
Short CourseFemale 35-39Tara Tucci
Short CourseFemale 40-44Abbie Brosseau
Short CourseFemale 40-44Amy Bowman
Short CourseFemale 40-44Annie Johnston-Jones
Short CourseFemale 40-44Jen Wells
Short CourseFemale 40-44Marta Maldonado
Short CourseFemale 40-44Mary Bruce
Short CourseFemale 40-44Melanie Salas
Short CourseFemale 40-44Yetive Simmons
Short CourseFemale 45-49Jennifer Herndon
Short CourseFemale 45-49LaDawn Bradley
Short CourseFemale 45-49Lenor Bromberg
Short CourseFemale 45-49Renee Lowe
Short CourseFemale 45-49Stacie Allen
Short CourseFemale 45-49Stephanie Fickle
Short CourseFemale 45-49Stephanie Williams
Short CourseFemale 45-49Tammy Perkins
Short CourseFemale 45-49Vikki Frost
Short CourseFemale 50-54Amy Dickson
Short CourseFemale 50-54Pam Rountree
Short CourseFemale 50-54Tina Bullock
Short CourseFemale 55-59Gail Starr
Short CourseFemale 55-59Judy King
Short CourseFemale 55-59Lynn Silvers
Short CourseFemale 60-64Julie Jackson
Short CourseFemale 60-64Laurie Schmeier
Short CourseFemale 60-64Vicki Bertram
Short CourseFemale 65-69Barbara Myrick
Short CourseFemale 75+Jackie Phillips
Short CourseMale 18 and underMason Koller
Short CourseMale 25-29Elliott Graves
Short CourseMale 25-29Philip Rodning
Short CourseMale 30-34Anthony Myrick
Short CourseMale 30-34Billy Anderson
Short CourseMale 30-34Christian Abrams
Short CourseMale 30-34David Kyle
Short CourseMale 30-34James Excell
Short CourseMale 30-34Ritesh Patel
Short CourseMale 35-39Brent Jackson
Short CourseMale 35-39John-David Huff
Short CourseMale 35-39Oscar Gomez
Short CourseMale 40-44Bob Czaplicki
Short CourseMale 40-44Chris Keith
Short CourseMale 40-44Jason Burrell
Short CourseMale 40-44Joseph Salter
Short CourseMale 40-44Ryan Knight
Short CourseMale 40-44Steven Alaniz
Short CourseMale 45-49Jerimy Bruce
Short CourseMale 45-49Karl Koller
Short CourseMale 50-54Alan Rountree
Short CourseMale 50-54Dale Seeley
Short CourseMale 50-54Eric Nelson
Short CourseMale 50-54Glenn Germaine
Short CourseMale 50-54James Allen
Short CourseMale 50-54Matthew Watson
Short CourseMale 50-54Sean Conrey
Short CourseMale 55-59Chris Ebert
Short CourseMale 55-59David Johnson
Short CourseMale 55-59Nate Rudolph
Short CourseMale 60-64Norman Childers
Short CourseMale 60-64Richard Bilodeau
Short CourseMale 65-69Lynn Robinson
Short CourseMale 75+Larry Lascody