Rope Mill Spring Thaw Trail Run

Pre-registered Competitor List

10 mileFemale 40-44Anne Polikowsky
10 mileFemale 65-69Adri Herman
10 mileMale 18 and underFrederic Villoutreix
10 mileMale 30-34Jonathan Pinner
4 mileFemale 45-49Layne Hawkins
4 mileFemale 45-49Lydia Fazzio
4 mileMale 18 and underOliver Polikowsky
4 mileMale 40-44Troy Polikowsky
Long CourseFemale 30-34Jessica Reagin
Long CourseFemale 35-39Christine Rule
Long CourseFemale 35-39Lauren Pfrogner
Long CourseFemale 45-49Brenda Sovine
Long CourseFemale 45-49Catherine Gagne
Long CourseFemale 45-49Kim Conrey
Long CourseFemale 45-49Valerie Squillario
Long CourseFemale 50-54Eve Hall
Long CourseFemale 50-54Kathryn Zuehlke
Long CourseFemale 50-54Risa Engel
Long CourseFemale 55-59Beth Shafer
Long CourseFemale 65-69Jacqueline Childers
Long CourseMale 35-39Gregory Gaffney
Long CourseMale 40-44Zack Nelson
Long CourseMale 45-49Joel Harris
Long CourseMale 50-54Rick Hall
Long CourseMale 55-59Loren Starr
Long CourseMale 55-59William McAllister
Short CourseFemale 25-29Jules Marvin
Short CourseFemale 35-39Molly Hunt
Short CourseFemale 40-44Annie Johnston-Jones
Short CourseFemale 40-44Marta Maldonado
Short CourseFemale 45-49Renee Lowe
Short CourseFemale 45-49Vikki Frost
Short CourseFemale 55-59Gail Starr
Short CourseFemale 55-59Judy King
Short CourseFemale 55-59Lynn Silvers
Short CourseFemale 60-64Julie Jackson
Short CourseFemale 60-64Laurie Schmeier
Short CourseFemale 65-69Barbara Myrick
Short CourseMale 30-34Anthony Myrick
Short CourseMale 35-39Oscar Gomez
Short CourseMale 55-59Chris Ebert
Short CourseMale 55-59Nate Rudolph
Short CourseMale 60-64Norman Childers