Southern Cross Ultra Gravel Grind

Pre-registered Competitor List

SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Anthony Pruitt
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Brice Johnston
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Cody Haddock
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Dustin Mealor
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Fred Carty
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Hayes Flynn
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Jack Netherton
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)John Lilly
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Kim Cantrell
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Lee Foster
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Lewis White
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Philip Bender
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Russell Daniel
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Stephen Lester
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Todd Jones
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Tommy Reagh
SoloClydesdale (200 lbs+)Tommy Wilson
SoloExpert/Open FemaleCourtney Cooper
SoloExpert/Open FemaleHannah Dickson
SoloExpert/Open FemaleHannah Arensman
SoloExpert/Open FemaleHannah Dalsing
SoloExpert/Open FemaleIsabella Hyser
SoloExpert/Open FemaleJulia Priest
SoloExpert/Open FemaleKat Sweatt
SoloExpert/Open FemaleKrystal Burnham
SoloExpert/Open FemaleLauren De Crescenzo
SoloExpert/Open FemaleMadeline Pearce
SoloExpert/Open FemaleRhylee Wittrock
SoloExpert/Open FemaleSara Fletcher
SoloExpert/Open FemaleSierra Sims
SoloExpert/Open FemaleWendy Jacobsen
SoloExpert/Open MaleAmos Harvey
SoloExpert/Open MaleArthur Murray
SoloExpert/Open MaleBrandon Young
SoloExpert/Open MaleCarson Beckett
SoloExpert/Open MaleConley Wilhelm
SoloExpert/Open MaleDavid Owen
SoloExpert/Open MaleDouglas Gambarota
SoloExpert/Open MaleEric Ernst
SoloExpert/Open MaleJack White
SoloExpert/Open MaleJaden Grimes
SoloExpert/Open MaleJerry Dufour
SoloExpert/Open MaleJim Snitzer
SoloExpert/Open MaleJohn Wiygul
SoloExpert/Open MaleJonathan Robbins
SoloExpert/Open MaleKyle Tiesler
SoloExpert/Open MaleLuke Harris
SoloExpert/Open MaleMatthew Dockins
SoloExpert/Open MaleMiller Lite
SoloExpert/Open MaleNick Barbieri
SoloExpert/Open MaleOwen Stone
SoloExpert/Open MaleOwen Schnakenberg
SoloExpert/Open MalePatrick Chesser
SoloExpert/Open MaleRandall Daniels
SoloExpert/Open MaleRobert Davis
SoloExpert/Open MaleSam Rideout
SoloExpert/Open MaleSimon Lewis
SoloExpert/Open MaleSpencer Whittier
SoloExpert/Open MaleThomas Turner
SoloExpert/Open MaleThor Audiss
SoloExpert/Open MaleTodd Lewis
SoloExpert/Open MaleWilliam Seitz
SoloExpert/Open MaleZac Threatt
SoloFemale 40+Ana Bailie
SoloFemale 40+Angie Childre
SoloFemale 40+Anirene Pichardo
SoloFemale 40+Becky Loeffler
SoloFemale 40+Erin Hyser
SoloFemale 40+Gina Tolbert
SoloFemale 40+Giselle Weekes
SoloFemale 40+Julie Durkee
SoloFemale 40+Maggie Evans
SoloFemale 40+Melanie Blake
SoloFemale 40+Misty Stiles
SoloFemale 40+Monica Desjardins
SoloFemale 40+Nani Dettorre
SoloFemale 40+Nicole Blessing
SoloFemale 40+Paula Boyle
SoloFemale 40+Roz Cordini
SoloFemale 40+Sara McKenna
SoloFemale 40+Star Affolter
SoloFemale 40+Sue Neurath
SoloFemale 40+Susie Farmer
SoloFemale 40+Tammy McAllister
SoloFemale 40+Teresa Rose
SoloFemale 40+Tiffany Ballew
SoloFemale 40+Veronica Geist
SoloFemale under 40Ali Whittier
SoloFemale under 40Caitlin Wittkop
SoloFemale under 40Gillis Rowston
SoloFemale under 40Jessica Hunt
SoloFemale under 40Kimberly Wynn
SoloFemale under 40Lauren Chandler
SoloFemale under 40Lindsey Kenny
SoloFemale under 40Molly Hayes
SoloFemale under 40Samantha Lindsey Wotiz
SoloFemale under 40Shannon Causseaux
SoloMale 30-39Adam Shearer
SoloMale 30-39Andrew Lorence
SoloMale 30-39Benny Birau
SoloMale 30-39Bixby Stewart
SoloMale 30-39Blake Waggoner
SoloMale 30-39Brandon Valenzuela
SoloMale 30-39Carlos Richard
SoloMale 30-39Casey Abston
SoloMale 30-39Charlys Schultz
SoloMale 30-39Christopher Lindstrom
SoloMale 30-39Christopher Sparace
SoloMale 30-39Conrad Lawson
SoloMale 30-39Daniel Blankenship
SoloMale 30-39David Egetter
SoloMale 30-39David Rose
SoloMale 30-39Davis Wade
SoloMale 30-39Davis Yarbrough
SoloMale 30-39Derek Tingle
SoloMale 30-39Dustin White
SoloMale 30-39Gavin Lansden
SoloMale 30-39Hunter Garrison
SoloMale 30-39Jake Lombardo
SoloMale 30-39Jason Kors
SoloMale 30-39John Maggard
SoloMale 30-39Julian Daza
SoloMale 30-39Kevin Reagin
SoloMale 30-39Lee Fletcher
SoloMale 30-39Les Warnock
SoloMale 30-39Luke Beck
SoloMale 30-39Marcos Borges
SoloMale 30-39Mark Chandler
SoloMale 30-39Matthew Burks
SoloMale 30-39Patrick Berg
SoloMale 30-39Patrick Markarian
SoloMale 30-39Patrick Morris
SoloMale 30-39Peter Reid
SoloMale 30-39Phil Southerland
SoloMale 30-39Richard Kelly
SoloMale 30-39Rob Butler
SoloMale 30-39Said Assali
SoloMale 30-39Sebastian Albarracin
SoloMale 30-39Tim Wynn
SoloMale 30-39Travis Hood
SoloMale 30-39Wilson Meads
SoloMale 40-49Aaron Meyers
SoloMale 40-49Adrian Prieto
SoloMale 40-49Alex Berry
SoloMale 40-49Alex Fuentes
SoloMale 40-49Allen McDonald
SoloMale 40-49Andres Sierra
SoloMale 40-49Andrew Rytlewski
SoloMale 40-49Andy Barfield
SoloMale 40-49Barry Croker
SoloMale 40-49Bobby Norris
SoloMale 40-49Bradley Jacobs
SoloMale 40-49Brian DeRose
SoloMale 40-49Brian Horton
SoloMale 40-49Chad Brandon
SoloMale 40-49Charles Davis
SoloMale 40-49Charles Polmatier
SoloMale 40-49Charles Sumner
SoloMale 40-49Chevis White
SoloMale 40-49Chris Kuhn
SoloMale 40-49Chris Toner
SoloMale 40-49Christopher Randall
SoloMale 40-49Clay Tolson
SoloMale 40-49Clint Fowler
SoloMale 40-49Conor McNally
SoloMale 40-49Dan Sands
SoloMale 40-49Daniel Delph
SoloMale 40-49David Anna
SoloMale 40-49David Buntin
SoloMale 40-49David Turner
SoloMale 40-49David Worth
SoloMale 40-49Dennis Nicholson
SoloMale 40-49Don Williams
SoloMale 40-49Doug Gregorie
SoloMale 40-49Doug Hall
SoloMale 40-49Drew Miller
SoloMale 40-49Ed Gibson
SoloMale 40-49Ed Kulbis
SoloMale 40-49Eli Narramore
SoloMale 40-49Ethan Blackburn
SoloMale 40-49Fred Smith
SoloMale 40-49Jackson Evans
SoloMale 40-49Jacob Tubbs
SoloMale 40-49James Johnston
SoloMale 40-49Jeff Brown
SoloMale 40-49Jeff McCord
SoloMale 40-49Jeramie Hoff
SoloMale 40-49Jerome Feuiltault
SoloMale 40-49Jhon Sanchez
SoloMale 40-49Jim Wood
SoloMale 40-49John Castleberry
SoloMale 40-49John Donnelly
SoloMale 40-49John Frederick
SoloMale 40-49Jonathan Weaver
SoloMale 40-49Joseph Dabbs
SoloMale 40-49Josh Jackson
SoloMale 40-49Juan David Restrepo
SoloMale 40-49Kenneth Wood
SoloMale 40-49Kyle Brazil
SoloMale 40-49Luke Powell
SoloMale 40-49Manuel Abello
SoloMale 40-49Mark King
SoloMale 40-49Michael Powell
SoloMale 40-49Mike Thompson
SoloMale 40-49Monte Burtis
SoloMale 40-49Nicholas Williams
SoloMale 40-49Nick Nichols
SoloMale 40-49Patrick Bucayu
SoloMale 40-49Patrick Zinn
SoloMale 40-49Paul Lawler
SoloMale 40-49Pete Edmondson
SoloMale 40-49Rafael Agudelo
SoloMale 40-49Rob Richeson
SoloMale 40-49Robert Brunson
SoloMale 40-49Robert Morley
SoloMale 40-49Ryan Hardage
SoloMale 40-49Scott Allen
SoloMale 40-49Sebastian Gonzalez
SoloMale 40-49Seth deMarrais
SoloMale 40-49Shelton Patterson
SoloMale 40-49Travis Gibbon
SoloMale 40-49Van Kilpatrick
SoloMale 40-49Vincent Deckers
SoloMale 40-49Wes Dickson
SoloMale 40-49William Kelley
SoloMale 50-59Andrés Rincon
SoloMale 50-59Andrew Gilchrist
SoloMale 50-59Andy Bailie
SoloMale 50-59Art Odell
SoloMale 50-59Ben Lawry
SoloMale 50-59Brad Cobb
SoloMale 50-59Brett Hatch
SoloMale 50-59Britt Rembert
SoloMale 50-59Chad Hayes
SoloMale 50-59Chandler Weekes
SoloMale 50-59Chet Warner
SoloMale 50-59Chris Rutledge
SoloMale 50-59Christopher Colvin
SoloMale 50-59Christopher Keith
SoloMale 50-59Danny Lankford
SoloMale 50-59Daraius Patell
SoloMale 50-59Darren Cox
SoloMale 50-59Darren Cobbum
SoloMale 50-59David Durkee
SoloMale 50-59David Gates
SoloMale 50-59Doug Littrell
SoloMale 50-59Drew Downs
SoloMale 50-59Eddie Kababik
SoloMale 50-59Edward Hamilton
SoloMale 50-59Greg Brannon
SoloMale 50-59Greg Casteel
SoloMale 50-59Gregory Brinson
SoloMale 50-59Harold Sotillo
SoloMale 50-59James Carney
SoloMale 50-59James Farmer
SoloMale 50-59James Jones
SoloMale 50-59Jason Carrington
SoloMale 50-59Jason Childre
SoloMale 50-59Jason Crosby
SoloMale 50-59Jason Monday
SoloMale 50-59Jason Taylor
SoloMale 50-59Jeff Cook
SoloMale 50-59Jeff Grinkevich
SoloMale 50-59Jeff Smith
SoloMale 50-59Jim Toth
SoloMale 50-59Jim Whatton
SoloMale 50-59Joe Jefferson
SoloMale 50-59Joe McWilliams
SoloMale 50-59Joe Romanchik
SoloMale 50-59John Hoover
SoloMale 50-59John Kelsch
SoloMale 50-59John Noblin
SoloMale 50-59Jon Mccabe
SoloMale 50-59Jon Uhlir
SoloMale 50-59Kelly Von Canon
SoloMale 50-59Kevin Tolbert
SoloMale 50-59Larry Crook
SoloMale 50-59Leon Barkan
SoloMale 50-59Mark Baldwin
SoloMale 50-59Mark Brackenbury
SoloMale 50-59Mark O'Neal
SoloMale 50-59Mat Sexton
SoloMale 50-59Matthew Marchal
SoloMale 50-59Max McAllister
SoloMale 50-59Michael Graham
SoloMale 50-59Michael Hanson
SoloMale 50-59Michael Palmer
SoloMale 50-59Michael Tolbert
SoloMale 50-59Mike Lockwood
SoloMale 50-59Mike Oliver
SoloMale 50-59Patrick Harkins
SoloMale 50-59Patrick Miranda
SoloMale 50-59Peter Woodrow
SoloMale 50-59Phil Sandoval
SoloMale 50-59Ray Beckman
SoloMale 50-59Ricky Park
SoloMale 50-59Robert Conatser
SoloMale 50-59Rodney Reed
SoloMale 50-59Ross Schiavo
SoloMale 50-59Scott Beardsell
SoloMale 50-59Sherman Pitts
SoloMale 50-59Steve Seaborn
SoloMale 50-59Thomas Lerch
SoloMale 50-59Tim Watley
SoloMale 50-59Wayne Whitesides
SoloMale 50-59William Boone
SoloMale under 30Conner Harrod
SoloMale under 30Daniel Albarracin
SoloMale under 30Deacon Phillippe
SoloMale under 30Dylan Cantrell
SoloMale under 30Elijah Reagh
SoloMale under 30Everett Drennen
SoloMale under 30Jack Horton
SoloMale under 30James Terry
SoloMale under 30Joseph Urbanowicz
SoloMale under 30Logan Burleigh
SoloMale under 30Matt Manley
SoloMale under 30Peter Hagemeyer
SoloMale under 30Shenlin Buchanan
SoloMale under 30Zach Plating
SoloOpen SinglespeedBrad Phillips
SoloOpen SinglespeedBruce Boles
SoloOpen SinglespeedChris Manis
SoloOpen SinglespeedEric Buchanan
SoloOpen SinglespeedForrest Ege
SoloOpen SinglespeedGlenn Turner
SoloOpen SinglespeedJames Penrod
SoloOpen SinglespeedJohn Schwab
SoloOpen SinglespeedJosh Caldwell
SoloOpen SinglespeedJustin Rivard
SoloOpen SinglespeedKevin Clark
SoloOpen SinglespeedMatt Sweeney
SoloOpen SinglespeedRichard Schuetze
SoloOpen SinglespeedTravis Tindle
SoloVintage 60+Andy Domnauer
SoloVintage 60+Ben Gandy
SoloVintage 60+Bob Neurath
SoloVintage 60+Brian Burke
SoloVintage 60+Butch Sims
SoloVintage 60+Charles Brewer
SoloVintage 60+Dale Vaughan
SoloVintage 60+Dale Hair
SoloVintage 60+Daniel Askren
SoloVintage 60+Daniel Shelby
SoloVintage 60+Dennis Murphy
SoloVintage 60+George Northrop
SoloVintage 60+Hank McCullough
SoloVintage 60+Hardwick Gregg
SoloVintage 60+Jay Scott
SoloVintage 60+Jerry De Avila
SoloVintage 60+Jim Guthrie
SoloVintage 60+Jim Phyfer
SoloVintage 60+Joe Joe Fritz
SoloVintage 60+John Passwater
SoloVintage 60+Karl Stine
SoloVintage 60+Kenneth Tucker
SoloVintage 60+Mark Gernazian
SoloVintage 60+Markham Smith
SoloVintage 60+Martin Bates
SoloVintage 60+Michael Rowe
SoloVintage 60+Randy Astle
SoloVintage 60+Randy McDougald
SoloVintage 60+Ray Blessing
SoloVintage 60+Richard Waters
SoloVintage 60+Ron Van Tuyl
SoloVintage 60+Tony Livingston
SoloVintage 60+Van Westmoreland
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 1 Female(14 and Under)Alana Wall
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 1 Female(14 and Under)Hailey Nelson
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 1 Female(14 and Under)Jayden Randall
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 1 Female(14 and Under)Reagan Drennen
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 1 Female(14 and Under)Shiloh Claussen
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 1 Male(14 and Under)Connor Bagley
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 1 Male(14 and Under)Mathieu Weber
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 1 Male(14 and Under)Zach Berube
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Female(15-18)Emma Frost
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Female(15-18)Kathryn Cline
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Female(15-18)Madison Wall
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Male(15-18)Challaghan Strickland
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Male(15-18)Evan Curl
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Male(15-18)Grady Sanders
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Male(15-18)Luca Horn-Morawa
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Male(15-18)Mason Slechta
Solo Junior (30 mile)Junior 2 Male(15-18)Nathan Nelson